Quality Filter Service

Why does filter quality matter?

Air Duct Cleaning ServicesBecause everyone hates dusting! Family heirlooms and pictures get dusty because they don't move - but where does the dust come from?

The human body sheds over 40 pounds of dust in a life time! The dust comes from people and pets living in your house - and goes directly into your AIR!


Changing your filters regularly is required to keep your air conditioner and furnace operating at peak efficiency - but the cheap filters don't get the dust out!

Air Duct Cleaning ServicesAir Duct Cleaning ServicesThese guys live in your house eating dust!

Changing to our quality MERV-11 rated air filters traps dust and particles before you end up BREATHING them! These filters are sold under brand names for up to $40 a piece, but our Quality Filters sell for around $10 in most sizes! These micro-alergen rated air filters are the highest rated filters made for residential use available today!