Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clogged Dryer Vents are a MAJOR cause of Home Fires!


Air Duct Cleaning Services removes the lint buildup from dryer ducts using powerful compressed air tools! We leave the dryer duct clean, so your dryer can run the way it was meant to run!




Excessive Drying Time - When your vents are clean, your dryer operates more efficiently, and the clothes dry faster! You save wear and tear on your dryer!


Breakdowns - The cleaner the vent, the less strain there is on your dryer, so the motors and electrical circuits last longer - and you save money on repairs and replacement parts!


High Utility Bills - When your dryer is running at peak efficiency, it costs less to operate than when forcing air through a dirty duct!


Fire - Overloaded vents and overworked dryers can be a DANGEROUS combination! With a clean dryer vent, you eliminate the overloading and overwork - lowering your risk of a dryer related fire.


Call TODAY and have your Dryer Vents Inspected and Cleaned!