When to Clean

Would you want to live with your home's previous owners?

Air Duct Cleaning ServicesIf you haven't cleaned the air ducts - you already are! Smoke - skin cells - body parasites - hair - pet dander - Its all part of the home's history!


Air Duct Cleaning Services represents the honest truth when talking with our customers about air duct cleaning - some companies say clean your ducts every spring, and for some newer homes its just too frequent.


Whatever happens in your house


When should I have my air ducts cleaned?


Here are some guidelines we provide our customers! You should clean your air ducts..,


  • ...when you first move in to your house!
  • ...after construction or remodeling!
  • ...after problems with moisture or water in your home!
  • ...after pest extermination - to get the ones that don't crawl anymore!
  • ...once every three years if you have pets!
  • ...once every five years for all other homes!